Lights in Names Designer now available

The Python design tool which you can use to make your own Lights in Names device is now available for download.

You can find the software, and instructions telling you how to use it, here.

a lot of lights in names

Two Button Game Project

If you want to explore how you can get a Python program to interact with Connected Little Boxes, why not create a version of the "Two Button Game" which uses two boxes as controllers.

You can find out more here.

two pixel ring and button devices

Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 has just been released. Lots of lovely new features and a few fixes.

  • Error messages
  • Digital output pin
  • Pulse outputs from servo and digital output
  • Summary output from BME280
  • Truncated outputs of pressure and humidity from BME280
  • MQTT messages contain a from field

You can find out all about it in our documentation here.

Pixel Mapping Feature Added

We've just added a new pixel command. This lets you use an incoming value from a sensor to select a colour for your pixels to display. You specify the colours you want as a string (for example 'RGB') and the sensor value controls which colour is displayed. This is great for mapping readings or inputs onto colours.

You can find out all about it in our documentation here. Look for the section 'map - Sets the pixel colour to a mapped value' on page 8.

Connected Little Sandwich box

You don't have to print one of our designs to make a box for your device (although we'd be very flattered if you did). Karen decided that a sandwich box would work fine as a container for her light. You even seem to get a diffuser for free. We just hope she took the sandwiches out first.

Web site launched

The big news for today is that we now have a web site. Yay! You're reading it. It's going to grow and evolve over time, this is just the start. But we hope you like it.