Towards a Connected Community

The Connected Little Boxes project is managed by Connected Humber CIC, a community interest company based in Hull in the UK. The aim of the project is to make it very, very easy to make small sensors and controls that can bind to data and then transmit or display it.

All the devices run the same software, so you don't have to build custom firmware versions for every application. You can send configuration commands over the network so that devices can be managed remotely.

There are full circuit diagrams and parts lists for boxes and a complete set of easy to print case designs.

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Box Options

You can get started with nothing more than an ESP8266 or ESP32 device and some neopixels. Then you can add other hardware that your box can control. The range of hardware supported is growing all the time. The boxes are connected using WiFi and MQTT. A sensor input on one box can cause an action on any other box.

  • Neopixels, in a strand or in a grid
  • Push button/digital input
  • PIR sensor
  • BME280 environmental sensor
  • Servo
  • Rotary encoder
  • Potentiometer/Analogue input
  • MAX 7219 text display
  • Serial printer

Browser Based Setup

You don't need to install any software on your PC or laptop to be able to program and configure your devices.

You can program your devices from within your browser. We also have a browser based terminal you can use to configure your device once you've programmed it.

Simple Terminal